History of Clearwater
Part Eight
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The Road Back: Clearwater continues to grow as the threat of war looms

Photo A Sense of Community

Through the Depression years, the people of Clearwater demonstrated their sense of community in various ways, including efforts to make sure that the less fortunate were not ignored.

As it is now, civic duty then was real to young and old alike. Residents staged teas and musicales in private homes to benefit facilities like the Katherine Payne Beach Home for Convalescent Children.

During the Christmas season, girls from the Clearwater YWCA collected donations of Mickey Mouse watches, electric trains and dolls for distribution to handicapped children in the area.

Clearwater citizens also demonstrated their interest in the arts with continued support of community cultural activities through this period.

The Francis Wilson Theater, for example, was constructed as a home for the local Little Theater. This was due in no small part to $5,000 donated by Mrs. Mary Bok so culture could continue as an integral part of Clearwater life. And so it did, as witnessed by performances in 1938 at the Francis Wilson Theater by Serge Borowsky’s group of French-Russian concert singers and other events.

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